Frequently Asked Questions

What is free market student registration?

Free market student registration gives students more control over their academic path by allowing them to indicate which courses are most important to them during the student course registration process. Using NextReg this can be done in one of two ways:

  • Bidding – Using the bidding approach, students are given a certain number of points to spend on classes during registration. Students then bid on each of the classes they want. If space within a class is limited, the seats go to the highest bidders. Students with lower bids will either be added to the wait list for the class or be rejected and they will not be charged for the points they bid.
  • Attribute-Based Ranking – With attribute-based ranking, custom rules are defined by the institution for calculating each student’s rank within a given class relative to the other students who have also chosen that class. Seats within the class are then assigned by the calculated rank. If space is limited, students with a higher rank will get into the class and students with a lower rank will either be added to the wait list or be rejected. The ranking rules are fully customizable and can be based on any student attributes. With the attribute-based ranking approach, students also have the opportunity to prioritize their class selections based on their preference and that priority preference can also affect a student’s rank within a class.

Student success is measured not only by academic outcome, but also by the student experience. This includes completing an academic path in the desired timeframe. Registration systems don’t support this – NextReg does. Whether by allowing the institution to define the rules for ranking students within classes with attribute-based ranking or by allowing students to bid on the classes they need with bidding, NextReg free market registration can help ensure that students get into the classes they need and the classes they want.

How can NextReg free market student registration help?

Let students get into the courses they really want. Using bid-based registration, students can bid on popular courses and have an equal chance of winning a seat in the class.
Help students get into the courses they need to graduate. Using custom ranking schemes, you can ensure that students get a higher rank when bidding for classes within their major or that fourth year students get a higher rank than first year students.
See and respond to course demand earlier. During the pre-registration process you can measure course demand and adjust course offerings before any students are registered within their classes.
Integrate advising into the registration process. NextReg acts as a platform for advisors to collaborate with students in developing their academic path.
Lower the cost of your next server. Instead of sizing your next server to handle the traffic spike caused by student registration let us scale for you.

How does it work with my existing Student Information System?

  • NextReg is a cloud-based “Software-as-a-Service” application
  • NextReg supports web-service and batch integrations with your existing SIS
  • IData leads the industry in system integrations with Higher Ed enterprise systems
  • We can offer end-to-end services for data and user integration

How do I get NextReg for my institution?

NextReg is not yet available for general release. However IData is currently seeking schools to participate in the NextReg beta program. Participants in the beta program will get an opportunity to help shape the initial version of NextReg and will be able to conduct student registration using NextReg during the spring of 2013.

Only a few beta spaces are left. Contact us if you are interested in signing up for the NextReg beta program.